The Lady bag

Discover practical yet feminine Lady Bags from Gerard Darel's collection and complete perfectly your look.

Lady Bag

The Lady Bag by Gérard Darel is the trendiest of all bags. Streamlined and modern, this Hobo bag adds much character to your silhouette. This essential piece fits perfectly into city life and seamlessly integrates into every wardrobe.

The Hobo bag is an excellent functional and feminine option that suits all outfits. The Lady Bag by Gérard Darel is a versatile and elegant model that can hold all your essentials: phone, small leather goods, keys and sunglasses.

As the epitome of versatility, the Lady Bag by Gérard Darel boasts a soft and relaxed design. It pairs perfectly with a printed 1970s long dress, a leather jacket, or a textured wool coat. This bag model is essential for creating a bohemian look. Paired with high-waisted patchwork denim flare jeans and a lace and silk lingerie top, the Hobo bag allows you to create a chic image inspired by bohemian silhouettes.

The Lady Bag by Gérard Darel is available in several colours. Opt for a black, beige, or navy velvet Hobo bag to perfect a sophisticated outfit. You can also turn to bolder shades such as cassis, green, or brandy to enliven your autumn looks or enhance your spring outfits.

Worn on the shoulder, in the crook of the arm, or at the fingertips, this handbag is an accurate stylistic reference. The Lady Bag by Gérard Darel is the perfect accessory to enhance all silhouettes, from casual to bohemian and even chic looks.