This year, La Maison Darel’s new collection celebrates the perfect harmony of elegance and simplicity, charm and discretion, luxury and décolleté, for a Spring & Summer all to herself.

One Look, One Signature

With her innate chic and carefree attitude, Camille Rowe embodies the brand’s spirit, paying subtle homage to the timeless Jackie Kennedy through a curated selection of five distinct silhouettes.

The first one: the signature beige trench paired with denim blue and Anna.

Discover the collection

The Saharan

Warm sandy shading between jumpsuit, jacket, skirt and pants that offers a new take on the 70s Saharan esthetic, like a postcard to the eternal youthfulness of a day and age when charm rhymed with pure style.

Delicate connections

The delicate interplay of polka dot dresses, lavaliere shirts and white Bermuda shorts.

Apolline - Shirt

Each silhouette has its own knowing partner

Each silhouette comes with a companion that represents 24 hours in a woman’s life, in leather and color: the Fanny, with its curves and sensual lines; the Suzanne, to be worn like a necklace; and the Mini Charlotte, for eternal elegance in a nighttime glow.

Le Fanny Bag

Le Suzanne Bag

Le Sandrine Bag

The masculine-feminine style

The contemporary military-inspired ensemble, featuring a navy jacket with gold buttons complemented by white Bermuda shorts. Last but not least, the star couple: a white suit and a black blouse.



Shirts & Blouses

Canvas handbag - 24H

Emanuela Dress




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