Chic or casual, the Gerard Darel jacket will dress up your outfit for the day. Complete your wardrobe by discovering our collection.


The women's jacket sets the tone for your outfit. It can be edgy or classic, and it can also enhance androgynous silhouettes. Worn over a graphic printed t-shirt, the jacket accompanies your spring looks and adds warmth to your autumn outfits. When temperatures drop, wear one over a knit or layered under an oversized coat, adapting to the weather conditions.

Nowadays, the tweed women's jacket is on everyone's mind. Paired with flare jeans or tailored cigarette pants, the tweed jacket exudes a refined and polished image. Are you in search of the perfect leather jacket? Add a short and fitted leather biker jacket to your shopping cart, which you can wear over a flowing long dress.

The women's jacket can be accessorized with a suede leather belt or elevated with an elegant cashmere scarf. Whether you want to structure your silhouette or add a touch of originality to your look, the women's jacket is a must-have. Inspired by men's fashion, the tailored jacket can be elegantly draped over the shoulders or worn over a silk shirt or blouse. Short tailored jacket, woollen tailored jacket, houndstooth patterned tailored jacket, striped woollen double-breasted jacket, checkered tailored jacket... Gérard Darel offers tailored jacket in various colours, fabrics, patterns, and cuts.