Coats & Trench Coats

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Coats & Trench Coats

A women's coat is not chosen at random. This essential piece, which comes in many forms, sets the tone for your whole silhouette. Whether long, short, leather, or wool, the coat is the preferred garment for winter. At the cutting edge of fashion, the Gerard Darel women's coat is made from quality materials such as angora wool. The women's coat is worn daily to brave the most challenging weather conditions.

Gerard Darel offers a variety of cuts, colours, and patterns to meet all your needs and harmonize with each piece in your wardrobe. In the mid-season, the wool trench coat is worn with a flowing midi skirt and a plain, long-sleeved fluid t-shirt. To stay warm and sing in the rain, add a hooded wool coat to your basket to be paired with jeans or cargo pants and a very soft cashmere knit. The coat pairs perfectly with a printed flowy dress for a highly feminine and sophisticated look.

Technical nylon parka, reversible sheepskin cape, long reversible down jacket or retro tweed coat, our collection of women's coats will satisfy all your fashion desires. When winter sets in, the sheepskin Canadian and Angora wool coats replace lighter jackets. Drape a large fringe scarf over your shoulders and complete your sharp look with a shoulder bag. Add a Gerard Darel women's coat to enhance your wardrobe with precision.


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