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The Maison Darel

A veritable icon of French fashion, renowned for its timeless elegance and savoir-faire, Maison Darel and its history date back to the 1970s, when Danièle and Gérard Darel founded the company in Paris.

Monsieur Darel, a visionary entrepreneur, started with a simple idea: to create quality clothes and accessories that would sublimate the modern woman.

Iconic Product

The 24H Bag

The first big success was the 24H bag, a supple leather handbag that quickly became a staple in the wardrobes of Parisian women. Elegant and functional, the bag symbolised the brand's approach to practicality and style.

"I've kept your twenties preciously in my pockets. 24 hours in the life of a woman, all the secrets of your timeless allure, both chic and bohemian, your supple, discreet elegance and the cult charm of your rounded leather curves. I've held your hand with colourful tenderness, a faithful companion through your years of adventures. I've even become the signature of your wardrobe, with a gentle patina every day, proud to be your all-round partner. And one day, with a bit of luck, like your family name, you'll pass me on from mother to daughter."

Your 24H.


The Jackie Necklace

The brand acquired Jackie Kennedy's famous necklace at Sotheby's. A symbol of the eternal feminine, it became a classic.

"I'm not a necklace, I'm hers. Just for her. The black pearl in her eyes and the reflection of an unforgettable stroll through the Parisian nights. I delicately kiss her neck, the only real luxury in the life of an aesthete, and I'm already just the man who accompanies her. The timeless symbol of the gentleman, Jackie's and all the others... For the love of beautiful stories, if elegance and passion were to become a way of life, I would make myself both the artist and the manifesto, just for her."

The Jackie Necklace


Since 1971

Over the years, Darel has continued to evolve while maintaining its timeless design philosophy. The brand has become synonymous with superior quality, luxurious fabrics and elegant cuts.

Darel's style is aimed at the modern woman, with collections ranging from clothing and accessories to bags, shoes and even jewelry. Synonymous with sophisticated simplicity, the pieces transcend passing trends to become classics.

Iconic Product

The Anna Jeans

Over the years, the House has collaborated with renowned designers, reinforcing its reputation in the fashion world. It has seduced influential figures, celebrities and women from all over the world, blending a rich heritage with a contemporary sensibility.

"I have carefully preserved your youth in the folds of my memory. Each of your curves tells a story, a legend that transcends time, blending eternal elegance and bohemian charm in perfect harmony. Your softness and understated grace are timeless, as is the captivating charm of your curves in flared jeans. I've held your hips with tenderness, sharing your adventures through the seasons. Over time, I've become part of your identity, becoming a little more beautiful every day, proud to be the faithful companion of your incomparable style."

Your Anna Jeans.


A heritage of french expertise

The brand also draws on a heritage of craftsmanship. Each piece is designed with great attention to detail, using materials of exceptional quality. The leathers, in particular, are carefully selected and worked to create items that will last over time. The meticulous tailoring carried out by the "little hands" in the Atelier, nestled in the heart of the Bourse district, is one of the foundations of Darel's quality.

Tradition and excellence

Paris, in all its infinite richness, is the primary source of inspiration for designers. Behind the Gerard Darel style lies a genuine tradition of excellence. The selection of fabrics and skins, the work on the fit and fluidity of the cuts, the care given to the quality of the finishing touches...

The demand for quality infuses every garment and every accessory. The collections sometimes reveal the vintage chic influence of clothes and accessories found at flea markets. Each creation is original and must have that eternal dimension that transcends fashions and eras.

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Iconic Product

The Marilyn Sweater

A new tribute to a legendary woman: the house re-edits the white sweater worn by Marilyn Monroe in the film "Let's make love". Winter 2010 campaign, Robin Wright by Peter Lindbergh.

"I am a caress for Marilyn. I hold her tenderly in my arms as she poses, icon and princess. I even have the chic of being worn in a dress, all twisted over black tights, a diary of her laziness. My luxury is to be hers alone."

Your Marilyn Sweater.

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Shared values

On Tuesday 27 May 2003, Darel acquired the original of Marcel Proust's famous "Questionnaire", which was auctioned at Drouot in Paris, France. This acquisition is a real coup de coeur for a touching document that sums up all the charm, sensitivity and spirit represented by Marcel Proust's work.

"I'd like to get to know you, I'm curious about you. What you like, who likes you, your flowers and colours, even your idea of happiness. I'd like to know who your heroes and heroines are, what you'd become if you could do anything, the state of your mind and the state of your heart. What are your books and your melodies, your best faults and your paradises? An elegant and discreet questionnaire, shared among friends, write me a portrait, I'll make it into a visitors' book".

The Proust Questionnaire

The Maison Darel