The Ladyphone

The crossbody phone holder, both practical and stylish, has secured a special place in your wardrobe. Discover Gerard Darel's collection of phone holders and accessories, designed to bring functionality and modernity to your silhouette.

Explore our range of crossbody phone holders, the perfect solution for carrying your phone securely without the risk of loss or theft. The crossbody design allows you to always keep your device close to you. Whether you're strolling through the city or walking by the sea, the phone necklace is an essential accessory that keeps your smartphone within reach, leaving your hands free for all your activities. Gerard Darel presents an exquisite collection of elegant and feminine crossbody phone holders. Available in a variety of colours, these phone holders seamlessly complement your attire, whether you're going for a casual, classic, edgy, or bohemian look. The LADYPHONE crossbody phone holder is a practical variation of the iconic LADY tote bag. Featuring a discreet magnetic closure and an inner pocket, this trendy neck phone holder allows you to securely slide in your phone and credit cards. For a touch of vibrancy, opt for a pink, blue, or red crossbody phone holder. Paired with flared jeans and a cozy wool coat, this accessory adds a stylish flair to your ensemble. Consider adding a knitted or woollen crochet model to your collection for a bohemian look. Planning a formal evening? The smooth leather crossbody phone holder will exceed your expectations. With various colour options available, it's the perfect accessory to complement a silk dress, gathered satin skirt, or tweed jacket.