Discover Gerard Darel's scarves that seamlessly blend warmth with style.

Scarves & Shawls

During winter, spring, and autumn, a women's scarf subtly personalizes an outfit. Wrapped around the neck, delicately draped over the shoulders, or even tied to the handle of a crossbody bag or tote bag, the Gérard Darel women's scarf brings your style desires to life.

Silk scarves with floral patterns, cotton scarves, cashmere shawls, and patterns and tassels... the collection of scarves and shawls by Gérard Darel adapted to the occasion and desired look. Opt for the elegance of a cashmere scarf to perfect your city silhouette. Worn with flared velvet jeans or stretch canvas cargo pants, the women's scarf keeps you warm while adding a refined touch to your look.

The Gérard Darel women's scarf comes in various colours and prints. Whether floral, leopard print, psychedelic, cashmere pattern, or tie-dye pattern, scarves and shawls give you a bohemian or chic urban look.


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