Anna flare jeans

True to the 1970s look, Gerard Darel has revisited the codes of its iconic "Anna" jeans season after season. Please find here the whole Anna's collection including the last patchwork EDENE version like the FAREL short.    


Jeans are among the garments for women that complement all styles and enhance all silhouettes. A true fashion staple, women's jeans hold a prominent place in the female wardrobe. Timeless, comfortable, and versatile, jeans are a reliable choice for any occasion.

Gérard Darel offers several jeans models allowing you to find a style that suits both your silhouette and your taste. To adopt a casual look, slip into a stretch cigarette jean. Paired with a long-sleeved linen knit top, the cigarette jean ensures comfort and style.

Are you seeking a standout piece from the seventies that seamlessly fits your bohemian chic wardrobe? Discover our collection of flare jeans. The flare jean features a fitted thigh and gradually widens towards the bottom. These trendy women's jeans beautifully enhance all silhouettes. Boldly wear it with leather clogs and accentuate your waist with a navy, burgundy, or tobacco suede belt.

While known for its casual appeal, women's jeans can elevate your style to the most elegant level. Worn with a silk shirt or a cashmere sweater, jeans offer a chic look when needed. You can pair jeans with a tweed jacket or an Angora wool coat. High-waisted jeans, low-rise jeans, coated canvas jeans, raw denim  jeans, patchwork denim jeans... Gérard Darel women's jeans cater to all your desires.