One look,
One signature

The house has always been brilliant with muses in the likes of Stephanie Seymour, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Robin Wright. This year, the free, chic and discreet lady is embodied by actress Camille Rowe.

Maison Darel’s new collection is a nod to discreet luxury, to that Parisian allure the whole world envies, a timeless attitude that is at once chic and casual, styled and restyled, essential and accessory, and irresistibly unintentional.

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The collection tells the story of women who reinvent French elegance whenever they play with colors and materials to paint a freehand portrait of charm, art de vivre and savoir-faire.

Coat SAMANTHA - 545€

24H Bag Premium - 475€

Cashmere Sweater LEANA - 195€

A delicate tribute to its iconic pieces, now dancing on the Seine until dawn, in the arms of Camille.

Among the must-have pieces are the Anna jeans and the beige cashmere trench, the pea coat, the leather jacket and, of course, the oversized jacket that still carries her partner's perfume.

Et pour les soirées parisiennes, un costume et une chemise en coton pour un look 70’s inspiré de Jane Birkin, à ponctuer du bon accessoire de la collection Premium, ou la signature de l’allure selon Darel.

"She walks as if she was dancing..."

The ANNA Jeans - 165€


The ANNA Jeans - 165€


A whole allure in one look, and the uncomparable Camille Rowe to embody it

Jacket ESMEE - 315€

Trench SERGE - 545€

LE FANNY Bag - 445€

Premium Collection

The Fanny Bag

If she were to have just the one precious item, this would be it. With amazing subtlety and delicacy, the Fanny bag combines the discreet luxury of a designer piece with the comfortable elegance of a companion for every day and night.

A bag designed like a sweet misty softness inside a leather glove.

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The quilted 24H Bag - 525€