The discrete luxury by Darel

The House of Darel’s New Collection this year celebrates the true measure of elegance and simplicity, charm and discretion, luxury and neckline, springtime and summer, made just for her.

One Look, One Signature

With her effortless chic and light step, Camille Rowe personifies the label’s attitude, a delicate tribute to the never-forgotten Jackie Kennedy presented in five different silhouettes.

The first one: the must-have beige trench coat against a backdrop of denim blue and the Anna.

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The Saharan

Warm sandy shading between jumpsuit, jacket, skirt and pants that offers a new take on the 70s Saharan esthetic, like a postcard to the eternal youthfulness of a day and age when charm rhymed with pure style.

Delicate connections

Between polka-dot dresses, blouses with lavalliere collars and white Bermuda shorts.

Apolline - Shirt

Each silhouette has its own knowing partner

24 hours in the life of a woman, always in leather and color. The Fanny for full, sensual lines. The Suzanne worn like a necklace. And the Sandrine for everlasting elegance.

Le Fanny Bag

Le Suzanne Bag

Le Sandrine Bag

The masculine-feminine style

The contemporary military-style version of a navy blue jacket with gold buttons over white Bermuda shorts. And finally the star twosome: white suit and black blouse.



Shirts & Blouses

Canvas handbag - 24H

Emanuela Dress