Flat sheets

Explore Gerard Darel's collection of flat sheets to enhance your comfort and improve your sleep.

Flat sheet

Placed between the duvet cover and the fitted sheet, the flat sheet is far from being a mere accessory. Like the washed linen pillowcase, the flat sheet helps absorb moisture and provides excellent thermoregulation.

The washed linen flat sheet adds a touch of elegance to your bedding. Available in multiple colours, it perfectly complements the rest of your bed linen set. You can choose a flat sheet in the same colour as your other bed linens or mix and match for a touch of originality.

Delightfully soft and comfortable, the washed linen flat sheet features a naturally wrinkled appearance and timeless allure, making it even more desirable. Since linen is hypoallergenic, the washed linen flat sheet is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Gérard Darel uses linen grown in France and Belgium, certified by OEKO-TEX®, to create their washed linen bed linens.

In terms of aesthetics, the washed linen flat sheet exudes unparalleled elegance. With various colours to choose from, it adapts to all styles of decor. Opt for a light brown or antique rose 100% washed linen flat sheet to infuse a bohemian touch into your bedroom. Add a sky blue or midnight blue washed linen flat sheet to evoke a coastal ambiance. Complete your selection with a silk pyjama set, offering unmatched softness.