Pillow cases

Explore Gerard Darel's bed linen collection and find a linen pillowcase to add a delicate touch to your bedding set


Washed linen, a natural material, surpasses other fabrics in its appeal. Embrace the unparalleled comfort of a washed linen pillowcase, whether as a gift or for your personal pleasure. The popularity of washed linen stems from its numerous advantages. In addition to delicately adorning your bedroom, the washed linen pillowcase enhances your nights with comfort and your mornings with delight.

Washed linen is a durable textile that is also easy to maintain. With each wash, your washed linen pillowcase becomes increasingly softer. This noble and fashionable fabric adds an incomparable charm to your pillowcase. The Gérard Darel washed linen pillowcase is available in several colours: antique rose, light brown, white, midnight blue, sky blue, and pearl grey. You can coordinate it with your duvet cover, fitted sheet, and flat sheet, or mix and match them to suit your preference.

Gérard Darel's washed linen bedding sets adorn your duvets and pillows with splendid solid and trendy colours. Discover our duvet covers, pillowcases, flat sheets, and fitted sheets to decorate your bedroom and enjoy peaceful nights in the utmost comfort.

In this collection, you will also find our two-piece fluid silk pyjamas available in various colours. Slip into unbelievably soft silk pyjamas and enjoy a restful sleep with your head nestled on a washed linen pillowcase.