Duvet covers

Discover our collection of washed linen duvet covers available in 6 solid colors, for a more harmonious bedroom that combines comfort and durability. 

Duvet covers

Linen, a fabric made from natural fibers, boasts numerous advantages. The washed linen duvet cover from Gérard Darel is both timeless and trendy. Linen naturally regulates temperature, providing coolness in the summer and warmth during winter nights.

Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, the washed linen duvet cover is suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. As one of the oldest textiles in the world, linen is a timeless material. The Gérard Darel washed linen duvet cover, a faithful decorative ally, is easy to maintain. Its slightly wrinkled appearance, inherent to linen, exudes a romantic and somewhat bohemian ambiance in the bedroom.

The Gérard Darel washed linen duvet cover boasts exceptional finishes and precise craftsmanship. Available in 6 colours, it allows you to create a harmonious and comforting atmosphere in any bedroom. To add a maritime touch to your decor, you can opt for a sky blue washed linen duvet cover or a midnight blue washed linen duvet cover. If you're fond of pink, discover the antique rose-washed linen duvet cover for a soothing effect when it's time to retire for the night.

Investing in a washed linen duvet cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase from Gérard Darel enhances your sleep and, consequently, your well-being. Additionally, explore our collection of silk pyjamas to enjoy both comfort and elegance as you slip into bed.