Pyjamas & Kimonos

Explore our collection of silk pyjamas for a comfortable night's sleep, neither too hot nor too cold. Choose Gerard Darel silk pyjamas and indulge in their comfort and natural elegance.

Silk, a soft and natural fabric widely used in lingerie and nightwear, offers numerous benefits. Opting for silk pyjamas allows you to experience its thermoregulatory properties and luxuriate in its smooth and sumptuous texture. Whether it's the hottest nights of summer or the freezing winter nights, silk pyjamas are your perfect companion. Silk pyjamas are gentle on the skin, making them an excellent choice, especially for those with sensitive skin. The Gerard Darel silk pyjamas exude elegance and are available in a variety of colours: sky blue, lilac, ivory, beige, green, and more. The set features a flowing and loose-fitting shirt with a small, sophisticated lapel collar, and elasticated-waist pants. The simplicity and refinement of this design are accentuated by its button closure with four mother-of-pearl buttons and patch pockets. The Gerard Darel natural silk pyjamas for women caress your skin, providing a touch of fluidity and lightness to your silhouette. They are known for their luminous lustrous appearance and luxurious feel. To achieve peaceful sleep and comfortable rest, explore the Gerard Darel bed linen collection. Made from 100% washed linen, the collection includes pillowcases, duvet covers, and sheets available in six trendy colours.